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Our company is a recognized expert in the field of harvesting equipment and we have been supplying agrarians with corn and sunflower row cutters of any size from 6 to 12 rows and a row spacing of 45 to 90 cm for more than 10 years, as well as sunflower headers with a continuous cut from 7.60 to 12.5 m.
Having big experience, we have identified the best brands and the best manufacturers in its class for each type of machines and at the best prices for the end user.
Hundreds of machines are sent annually by our managers to the farms of the former CIS and successfully work with all possible types of combines of imported and domestic production.
  • Corn Harvesters
  • Sunflower header row and continuous cut
  • Reapers for soybean cleaning
  • Pick-up
  • Rapeseed tables
  • Carts for harvesters and more